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Department of English

Graduates of K-State's Cultural Studies Program and Their Current Pursuits

Gina Berend
Ph.D. Student in English, University of Tulsa.

Dan Bergen
Residence Hall Director at a college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Matt Brooks
Ph.D. Student in Communications and Cultural Studies, University of South Florida.

Holly Burmeister
Ph.D. Student in English, University of Michigan.

Megan Bygness
Ph.D. Student in English, University of Iowa.

Keely Chase
Writer, Hallmark Corp., Kansas City, Missouri.

Frida Crotts
Prep School Foreign Language Instructor, Vaasa, Finland.

Shawna Dulan
Instructor, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois.

Kelly Freeman
High School Teacher, Junction City, Kansas.

Erin Fritch
Instructor (PT) in Women's Studies, Kansas State University.

Bryn Gribben
Ph.D. Student in English, University of Washington.

Sarah Hamblin
Teacher, English as a Second Language, Japan.

Katherine Harder
Instructor, English, Kansas State University.

Jennifer Henderson
Technical Writing and Literature Instructor, Kansas State University.

Jennifer Kehler
Marketer, Kaplan Educational Services, Houston, Texas.

Corey Lewis
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Nevada-Reno.

Laura Loveall
Editor, New Riders Publishing.

Megan Marie
Ph.D. Student in English and Education, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Kelley McKay
Admissions Counsellor, Missouri Valley College, Marshall, Missouri

Pia Moller
Ph.D. Student in Cultural Studies, George Mason University, Virginia.

Dory Nason
Ph.D. Student in Ethnic Studies, University of California-Berkeley.

Sarah Nettleingham
Academic Advisor, Art Department, Kansas State University.

Pamela S. Ouellette
Lecturer in Communication Studies, City University of New York. MPA in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy from New York University.

Harvey Partica
Ph.D. Student in English, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Randall J. Paske
Technical Writer, Control Systems International.

Marisa Proctor
Instructor and Diving Coach, Detroit County Day School, Detroit, Michigan.

Keith Richter
Instructor, Inverhills Community College, Minnesota.

Cree Roberts
Instructor, English, Mesa State College.

Dan Shea
Ph.D. Student in English, University of Oregon.

Lisa Torres
High School Teacher, Junction City, Kansas.

Mary Van Leeuwen
Grant Writer, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Matt Webber
Reporter, Kirksville Daily Express, Kirksville, Missouri.

Kirsten Young
Art House Movie Theatre Owner-Operator, Clay Center, Kansas.

Nona Young
Instructor, Salt Lake City Community College.