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Department of English

Selected List of Graduate Courses in Cultural Studies 

English 650: Dream Acts: ImMigration on American Literature

Tanya Gonzalez

English 825: Seminar: Voices of the Past

Dan Hoyt

ENG 620: The Funny Renaissance: Shakespeare and Comic Theory

Don Hedrick

ENG 680: WWI in Literature/Culture

Tim Dayton

ENG 698 (Capstone): Hamilton

Karin Westman

ENG 745: Queer Cinema in Context

Tom Sarmiento

ENG 825 (Seminar): Modernist Adaptation

Christina Hauck

English 605: The Canterbury Tales in Context
Wendy Matlock

English 635: Downton Abbey in Context
Karin Westman

English 660: Ralph Ellison
Cameron Leader-Picone

English 698: Capstone: Performing in the Middle Ages
Wendy Matlock

English 710: The Writings of Early Modern Women
Kara Northway

English 725: African-American Children's Literature
Phil Nel

English 795: Literary Criticism
Greg Eiselein


For full course descriptions and information, visit the Courses page.