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About Philip Nel's Web Links

         I began assembling these links in March of 1998 as a way of sharing (what I thought were) interesting or useful sites with anyone who happened by my homepage. Philip Nel's Web Links also serve as a collection of "bookmarks" that I can access from wherever I happen to be. As a reflection of my interests, these web links are idiosyncratic and perpertually expanding.

         Highlights of the Literature section include children's literature, American literature and on-line bookstores; some strengths of the Music page are favorite radio stations, general music resources, and (arguably) a wildly divergent list of artists and groups. With Visual Arts, you'll find cartoons, a short list of surrealists, and an even shorter selection of film and TV links. Co-written with Karin Westman, Gender and Women's Studies: Links offers some popular culture, and topics ranging from health to history to politics. Though Politics, Humor, and News Media can be difficult to distinguish, I've attmpted to divide them into separate categories. History doesn't provide nearly enough history, but it does contain some curious popular culture items. And, let's be honest: apart from a few nice technology links, the embarrassingly tiny Science page all too clearly reveals my humanities background. A compact but much collection of resources, Search Engines helps you find people, understand how search engines work, and wend your way through the world wide web. Though, to tell the truth, that page is not updated as frequently as it once was.

         Predictably, Philip Nel does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, usefulness, taste, or any other aspect of materials linked to Philip Nel's Web Links and its affiliated pages. Read the Disclaimer.

         If you find any broken, expired or misspelled links, please let me know! When you write, be sure to indicate which page has an error and what that error happens to be. Thanks!


-- Philip Nel

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