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A "Barnaby" comic from the 1960s

      Rick Norwood, whose Comics Revue reprinted these 1960s strips, tells us that the revived "Barnaby" ran from September, 1960 to April 14, 1962. According to Ron Goulart in The Encyclopedia of American Comics (Facts on File, 1990), Johnson "updated the scripts of some of the old continuities and Warren Sattler redrew them" (19). Although Richard Marschall in The World Encyclopedia of Comics (edited by Maurice Horn, Chelsea House Publishers, 1976) says that "Peter Wells worked on the art" (98), Tim Samuelson has learned from Sattler that Wells did not work on the art; when I interviewed Sattler, he confirmed this: Sattler worked on the art and Johnson himself wrote the words. The strip below was published on July 15, 1961.

"Barnaby" from 15 July 1961
Reproduced courtesy of Tim Samuelson

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