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Harold and his Purple Crayon

Can't think of too many works of fiction off the top of my head ('cept
Richard Brautigan _In Watermelon Sugar_), but kids books makes me think
of my favorite of all time, an obscure little tome called Harold and his
Purple Crayon. Harold is this little kid who manages to suspiciously look
simultaneously five and 50 years old. With his purple crayon, he draws
the ground that he is walking on, while the written commentary appears
underneath. As he draws, he changes his environment, making the sand meet
the sea, adding a moon, then drawing himself in a sailboat. The whole
thing is so simple and really tripped me out when I read it
(of course, I was just barely able to read at that time) but I actually
went out and tried to find it at my local library. Still there.

Catch y'all on the other side of the purple crayon...