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About the Crockett Johnson Homepage

       I began the Crockett Johnson Homepage in July of 1998 because I was surprised that no sites had been devoted to Johnson, and sought, in my own small way, to correct this omission. There were and are other pages that mention Johnson (especially his Harold and the Purple Crayon), but not a single comprehensive website. This site aspires to be a comprehensive, virtual museum and I invite visitors to lend a hand by telling me about anything I may have missed. I have also written on a biography of Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss, and am glad that those who knew them have been kind enough to email, write to, and talk with me about their lives.

       Indeed, the page thanks visitors for their help thus far: without such generous contributors, information about -- and images of -- the "Carrot Seed" song, the Barnaby Quarterly and other items would not be here. If you have information to contribute or are willing to loan, sell, or donate something, I'd be grateful. However, before emailing, I ask that you please read the FAQ and consult the Site Map. Thanks.

       This is an unofficial, nonbusiness, not-for-profit site. It has no affiliation with HarperCollins, the Shoe String Press, Wood Knapp Video, the estates of Crockett Johnson (1906-1975) and Ruth Krauss (1901-1993), or any of their representatives. As an educational site, the Crockett Johnson Homepage strives to avoid copyright infringement by remaining within the guidelines for "fair use." For more information, please read the Disclaimer.

       I hope that this site will promote interest in Crockett Johnson and will serve as a guide for readers, scholars, teachers, and fans of all ages.

       To first-time visitors: I invite you to try the Site Map, which offers the most complete index of the Crockett Johnson Homepage's contents. If questions persist, then turn to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

       To all visitors: Enjoy your visit!


-- Philip Nel

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