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       Here are the sources of the images on the main page: the "Courses" image has been cropped from the photograph "Good Luck!" (© 1991 Bettmann Archive); the "Crockett Johnson Homepage" image of Harold comes from the cover to Crockett Johnson's Harold and the Purple Crayon (© 1955 Crockett Johnson, © 1983 Ruth Krauss); the "Links" image has been cropped from the photograph of Welsh chain-makers (1937), found on p. 26 of The Hulton Getty Picture Collection: 1930s, edited by Nick Yapp (© 1998 Könemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH. and © 1998 Hulton Getty Picture Collection Limited); the "Shameless Self-Promotion" photograph comes from my grade-school days (© 2000-2014 Philip Nel); the "Site Map" image of Boston, Massachusetts comes from MapQuest (© 1996-2001, Inc.). On the main page and the Shameless Self-Promotion page, the "Books" image of an open book comes from Guía para estudiantes: Ayuda económica del Departmento de Educación de los Estados Unidos. The "Blog" image (of a π pie) comes from Susan Tobais's blog. If I have failed to display appropriate credit on these pages, let me know so that I may remedy the situation. Thank you.

       The Crockett Johnson Homepage has a separate disclaimer. To read it, please click here.

       Excepting the photograph of Welsh chain-makers, the cartoon by Dr. Seuss (on the PM page), the map of Boston, the open book, Crockett Johnson's words and art, Betty Fraser's illustrations, the text of work by Ruth Krauss and others on the "Collaborations" pages (Crockett Johnson Homepage), the Google logo, the Apple logo, the Netscape logo, and the PM logo, these pages are © 1998-2014 by Philip Nel. Please note that Philip Nel's Homepage and all related pages are a nonbusiness site. These web pages are intended for educational purposes only. Philip Nel does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, usefulness, or any other aspect of these pages. No warranty of any kind is implied, and nor will the copyright holder assume any legal liability or responsibility for the content of these pages. The entire risk as to their quality is borne by you. (The ideas and wording in this paragraph borrow heavily from Nicolas Pioch's disclaimer for his Paris WebMusem pages.)

       Of course, Philip Nel does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, usefulness, taste, or any other aspect of materials linked to Philip Nel's Homepage, the Crockett Johnson Homepage, the Don DeLillo Society, Philip Nel's Web Links or their affiliated pages.

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