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** Announcement: Don DeLillo Society Elections 2011 **
TO: The Don DeLillo Society
FROM: Mark Osteen, President, Don DeLillo Society
DATE: 10 Sept. 2011

          The Don DeLillo Society is now soliciting nominations for the following offices:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Webmaster/Bibliographer


  • Candidates for President must have an academic affiliation, a PhD, and a history of refereed publications on DeLillo. Nominees for all positions should have a strong current scholarly interest in the works of Don DeLillo.
  • Candidates for the webmaster/bibliographer position should also possess well-developed knowledge of web construction and maintenance, and sound bibliographic skills.

          Please send nominations directly to Matt King by October 15, along with a brief outline of your qualifications and interest. Candidates may nominate themselves.

          Once a slate of candidates is completed, listserv subscribers will have two weeks to vote, using instructions that we will announce when the voting becomes active.


  • The DDS sponsors at least one panel each year at the American Literature Association convention. The President is responsible for organizing and chairing each year's panel(s), or delegating those tasks to someone else, and overseeing their progress and success. The president also supervises and advises the other officers, and grants permission for any other panels or activities undertaken under DDS auspices.
  • The secretary records minutes at DDS society meetings (which ordinarily take place at ALA or MLA each year), and disseminates them to officers and maintains all other records of the Don DeLillo Society.
  • The webmaster/bibliography operates and maintains the DDS website, compiles and updates the ongoing scholarly bibliography.

          These new officers will join Jesse Kavadlo, Treasurer, Anne Longmuir, newsletter editor, and Matt King, who operates the list serv, on the DDS Executive Committee.

          A Don DeLillo conference is in the works, and so the new DDS officers will have plenty of responsibilities and rewards. I encourage those with an established interest in and enthusiasm for DeLillo's works to apply.

Best to all,

Mark Osteen
DDS President


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