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Conference Sessions & Meetings

MLA Conference, Chicago, December 27-30, 1999:

Reading Don DeLillo's Underworld. Wednesday, December 29, 1999, 7:15-8:30 pm. Chicago Hyatt Regency. Location: Wright Meeting Room. Moderator: Nicole M. Merola. Papers by: Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Mark Osteen, and Arthur Saltzman.

Don DeLillo Society: Plenary Session. Wednesday, December 29, 1999, 5:00-6:00 pm. Chicago Hyatt Regency. Location: Phil Nel's room. Sponsored by the Don DeLillo Society.

New Publications

Modern Fiction Studies 45.3 (Fall 1999). Special Issue on Don DeLillo, edited by William J. Palmer and John N. Duvall. Includes the following essays:

  • John N. Duvall, "Introduction: From Valparaiso to Jerusalem: DeLillo and the Moment of Canonization."
  • Jeremy Green, "Disaster Footage: Spectacles of Violence in Don DeLillo."
  • David Cowart, "'More Advanced the Deeper We Dig': Ratner's Star."
  • Skip Willman, "Art After Dealey Plaza: DeLillo's Libra."
  • Mark Osteen, "Becoming Incorporated: Spectacular Authorship and DeLillo's Mao II."
  • Ryan Simmons, "What Is a Terrorist? Contemporary Authorship, the Unabomber, and DeLillo's Mao II."
  • Timothy L. Parrish, "From Hoover's FBI to Eisenstein's Unterwelt: DeLillo Directs the Postmodern Novel."
  • Philip Nel, "'A Small Incisive Shock': Modern Forms, Postmodern Politics, and the Role of the Avant-Garde in Underworld."
  • Tim Engles, "'Who Are You, Literally?': Fantasies of the White Self in White Noise."
  • Laura Barrett, "'Here, But Also There': Subjectivity and Postmodern Space in Mao II."
  • Peter Knight, "Everything Is Connected: Underworld's Secret History of Paranoia."
  • Joseph S. Walker, "Don DeLillo: A Selected Bibliography."

Available as of September 1999. For information about purchasing, please click here or contact Journals Publishing Division, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2715 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. Phone: (410) 516-6987. Toll-free: (800) 548-1784.


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