Group Web Project: Schedule
(keyed to Schedule of Assignments on syllabus)
January W 22 In class: Introduce Group Web Project, including author list. Members of groups announced.
M 27
In class, in small groups: Select preferred authors; exchange contact information; choose meeting time to begin research. Discussion of Biography, Bibliography, & Planning.
W 29 In class: Librarians Ron Ratliff, Sara Kearns, and Marcia Stockham meet with the class.
Jan. 29 to Feb. 7 Out of class: Groups have their first meeting with their assigned librarian. Bring at least two online sources which you're seriously considering for inclusion in your biographies or bibliographies of your author. Also bring any questions or concerns you have about locating other sources of their author. Set the date for your second and final meeting with the librarian.
By Feb. 14 Out of class: Your group meets a second time with the librarian to confirm your selection of sources (Have you met the grading criteria for the assignment? Have you located the best resources?) and to ask any questions about locating the information for your MLA "Works Cited" entries
Jan. 29 to Feb. 14
Out of class: Prepare drafts of "Biography" and "Bibliography" (See samples, though longer, of a biography at <> and
bibliography at <>. Or view the "biography" sections of the sites at Children's Literature Online.)
February F 7 In class: Introduction to using Adobe GoLive to create web pages. Bring your disk.
Feb. 7 to Mar. 3 Out of class: Work on designing a page you can use as a template for all the pages on your site.
F 14 In class: Drafts of Biography and Bibliography DUE. In class, in large group: Review goals of project. In class, in small groups: Review of drafts of "Biography" and "Bibliography" to see if more research required.
Feb. 14 to 21 Out of class: Prepare final draft of "Biography" and "Bibliography."
F 21 In class: Biography and Bibliography DUE at beginning of class. Final copy should be typed, double-spaced, and printed out, with pages numbered and stapled. Introduction to Web Design.
M 24
In class: Web design. Bring in your disk and ideas.
In class, in small groups: Appoint two group members as Webmasters (the people who will be responsible for making sure that all the word-processing documents have been properly converted into html and into the correct design). Further planning for design of web pages.
March M 3 In class: Website Design DUE.
W 12 Planning/Introducing Critical Contexts. Begin thinking about which "Critical Contexts" categories to include and which topics to use for the entries. In class, in large group: Review sample entries for "Critical Contexts." In class, in small groups: Planning session for design of your group's web pages and for entries for "Critical Contexts."
Mar. 12 to Apr 21 Out of class: Prepare entries for "Critical Contexts." Web Master(s) need to make sure that all group members begin to prepare information as html files for final web pages.
F 11
In class: Work on your Web Projects
M 21
Draft of Critical Contexts DUE. Bring two copies of the draft.
In class, in large group: Address questions about "Critical Contexts" entries and final web page design.
In class, in small groups: Review drafts of "Critical Contexts" entries. Identify how the Web Master(s) will receive revised drafts to convert them into .html and place in web pages.
M 5
In class: Final Work on Pages. Last-minute questions answered.
by midnight,
T 6
Out of class: Web Master(s) upload completed Group Web Project to web.
W 7
DUE: Group Web Projects. The projects must be complete and uploaded before the start of class. Be sure to link your page back to <>, and remember to send me the URL for your main page.
In class: Groups present their completed Group Web Project to the class!


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