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Critical Contexts
Final Group Web Project:
Presenting your Web Project (Wednesday, May 7):

For your presentation to the class, your group should offer your responses to the following questions:

  1. What two or three aspects of the web project (anything from research to content to design) are you most proud of? (If it's an element you can show us on the resulting pages, please do so.)
  2. What one or two aspects of the web project (again, any aspect) was most challenging?
  3. If you had more time, what one or two aspects would you like to develop, revise, or complete?

I'd recommend having more than one person offer these responses to the class, so we hear from at least two or three members of the group. Then, after you've made your presentation, we'll offer any comments or questions.


  1. By midnight Tuesday (May 6), the Group Web Masters need to send me via email the URL for your main author page:
  2. The URL for the homepage for the project will be: <>. Please link your main page back to the project homepage.



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