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Spring 2003

Dahl | Brown | Seuss | Wilder | MacLachlan | Krauss | Scieszka | Sendak

by Tina Bruna, Stephanie Rector, Laura Ross, Terra Simon, Amanda Sorg, and Eric Stoddard (Spring 2003)

by Kyrstin Allen, Erin Joiner, Anna Lukes, Rachael Williams, and Amy Wright (Spring 2003)

by Lacey Bitter, Jennifer Kinyon, Carrie Kohake, Katie Pieper, Jennifer Relph, and Christina Scmalzried (Spring 2003)

by Audra Allen, Alexandria Key, Karissa Littrell, Amie Mead, Jennifer Penn, and Amber Wayne (Spring 2003)

by Jennifer Dillon, Christie Hulsing, Jessica Lineberger, Emily Schauer, Lindsay Sutton, and Stacia Weilert (Spring 2003)

by Dezarae Allbritton, Laurie Cape, Robyn Horton, Kirsten Leeser, and Melanie Murray (Spring 2003)

Allison Becker, Lisa Birky, Lynette Brax, Barbie Herbst, Austin McCabe, and Andrea Wilson (Spring 2003)

by Alex Darby, Ami Farney, Dawn Lawrey, Dan Reazin, and Amy Summers (Spring 2003)

Fall 2001

Lionni | Seuss | Van Allsburg | Rowling | Silverstein | Wiesner | Scieszka

by Julie Brunker, Lisa Dalinghaus, Sandra LoBianco, Jeff Payne, Lindsey Shurtz, and Tarin Taylor (Fall 2001)

by Julie Giffen, Heidi Goff, Rebecca Mills, Leslie Mock, Seth Schwieterman, and Bethany Trogstad (Fall 2001)

by Megan Daily, Angela Deters, Kellie Huebner, Donnyves Laroque, Jeff Pankewich, and Julie Williams (Fall 2001)

by Angela Dorzweiler, Matt Heuer, Sarah Ketchum, Shannon Olivas, and Quinci Shaver (Fall 2001)

by Tyson Blackburn, Jennifer Kampling, Amanda Lebien, Nicole Porter, Matt Pruett, and Katie Wolf (Fall 2001)

by Amanda Cook, Melia Eiland, Angela Espe, Christina Miller, and Christopher Tracy (Fall 2001)

by Emily Braun, Mike Cowan, Jami Davis, Quenten Troyer, Bethany Shields, and Amy Webster (Fall 2001)


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