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Description of the Presentations Assignment

R 11

Bank Street School. Recommended: Joyce Antler, Lucy Sprague Mitchell: The Making of a Modern Woman (1987); Leonard S. Marcus, Margaret Wise Brown: Awakened by the Moon (1992).

  • Hana Jan
  • Priscilla Mizell
  • Ashley Webb
T 16

Red Diaper Babies. Recommended: Judy Kaplan & Linn Shapiro, eds., Red Diapers: Growing Up in the Communist Left (1998); Paul C. Mishler, Raising Reds: The Young Pioneers, Radical Summer Camps, and Communist Political Culture in the United States (1999); Julia Mickenberg, "Red Diaper Girls," from Girlhood in America: An Encyclopedia (2001).

  • Laura Roderick
  • Brett Hartin
  • Kelsey Vetter
R 18

The Popular Front. Recommended: Michael Denning, The Cultural Front (1996).

  • Diedre Mapes
  • Rebekah Evans
  • Tara Altenhofen
October R 2

Teaching from the Left. Recommended: Herbert Kohl, Should We Burn Babar? Essays on Children's Literature and the Power of Stories (1995); James W. Loewen, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong (1995).

  • Aimee Norris
  • Chelsea Brimer
  • Elena McVicar
T 14

Masses and New Masses. Recommended: Andrew Hemingway, Artists on the Left: American Artists and the Communist Movement, 1926-1956 (2002); Rebecca Zurier, Art for the Masses: A Radical Magazine and Its Graphics, 1911-1917 (1988); Harry Katz, ed., Life of the People: Realist Prints and Drawings from the Ben and Beatrice Goldstein Collection, 1912-1948 (1999); Buhle et al, Encyclopedia of the American Left (1998).

  • Callie Kostelich
  • Christina Mason
  • Bill Gepford
T 21

Children's Literature of the Harlem Renaissance. Recommended: Katharine Capshaw Smith, Children's Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (2004).

  • Rachel Parkin
  • Jennifer Seguine
  • Tammy Sheffield
R 23

African-American Children's Picture Books. Recommended: Michelle Martin, Brown Gold: Milestones of African-American Children's Picture Books, 1845-2002 (2004).

  • Caley Cole-Robinson
  • Alyssa Reeves
  • Erin Donaldson
  • Moira Niebauer
R 30

Children's Literature and Ecocriticism. Recommended: Sidney I. Dobrin and Kenneth Byron Kidd, eds., Wild Things: Children’s Culture and Ecocriticism (Wayne State UP, 2004); Nathalie op de Beeck, "Speaking for the Trees: Environmental Ethics in the Rhetoric and Production of Picture Books," Children's Literature Association Quarterly 30.3 (2005): 265-287 <>.

  • Elizabeth Williams
  • Ryan Felber
  • Jill Ihrke
November T 11

Fairy Tales. Recommended: Jack Zipes, Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion: The Classical Genre for Children and the Process of Civilization (1988); Maria Tatar, The Classic Fairy Tales (1999), esp. Tatar's intro., and excerpts from Bettelheim's Uses of Enchantment (1976), Gilbert and Gubar's Madwoman in the Attic (1979), Marina Warner's From the Beast to the Blonde (1994), and Tatar's The Hard Facts of the Grimms' Fairy Tales (1987).

  • Kat Tigges
  • Brett D. Currier
  • Jamie Macke
  • Tara Haas



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