Prospectus for Paper

English 830

Due: November 10th, 2003
In my office (Denison 208) by 12 noon

        For your prospectus, offer a 150-200 word abstract of the claims you plan to make about your selected text(s), outlining what questions you wish to pursue and the argument you plan to make. (Obviously, these claims may change as you write, but try to outline the direction of your thoughts.) Also include a bibliography of at least three sources you plan to read to assist the development of your ideas. For a model, I've provided you with a recent abstract I've written. The difference between your prospectus and my abstract is only this: yours will include some sources, and mine doesn't.

        Where should you look for critical resources? Try databases such as the MLA Bibliography (scholarly articles in journals and books), the Hale library catalog (scholarly books), InfoTrack (some scholarly articles and book reviews), or Lexis-Nexis (book reviews since 1985 in British and American periodicals), and any other resources listed on the syllabus or with my comics scholarship links. You may use websites, but only alongside of other resources.

        If you do use websites, be especially careful to evaluate your sources: not all websites are equal. For example, consider the following: an article from the New York Times Book Review, "Customer Comments" at, a corporate website, an educational website, or a site representing a particular interest. To evaluate each website, ask yourself: whose interests does this site serve? For example, is it a .edu (education), .org (organization), .com (commercial), .gov (government), etc.? Who wrote it? What are the author's credentials? Is she an expert in her field? Or is he not identified?

        I will read over the prospectus and offer comments and suggestions, but please feel free to meet with me before or after you've written your prospectus. My email address is Also: why not try to write a paper for the English Department's 2004 Cultural Studies Symposium? Abstracts are for the symposium are due October 20, 2003.


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