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Book Review Assignment (Graduate Students)

English 680: 20th Century American Children's Picturebooks

DUE: See schedule.
LENGTH: 1,000 words.

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Write a review of a work of literary criticism, such as you might do for an academic journal. I'll post it to the Electronic Bulletin Board so that all your classmates can benefit from it. So, when you turn it in, please give me two copies, one hard copy and one copy electronic copy. For the file format, please use either Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

Some Reviews by Me

Due Dates

The reviews will be due a week before the presentations. Reviewers will choose a book that will be useful to their presentation. There are two benefits of this approach. First, if you are reviewing a book that ties in with your presentation, then one assignment will help you with the other. Second, staggering the due dates over the course of the semester gives everyone a chance to process each review and, perhaps, to consider reading or consulting the book for their term papers.


Each graduate student should choose a different book to review. Choose one of the following books.


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