Guidelines for Grading the Creative Assignments:

Paper #2, Option 2 and Option 3


        In both cases, the essay will be judged by the standards outlined in the other handouts. See, for example, the Guidelines for Writing an Essay, Keys to Structure and Style, Thesis vs. Topic, and so on.

        Both the creative portion and the essay should meet the criteria outlined for each option.

Option 2: Fairy Tales, Revised (Creative Assignment + Short Essay)

        So, for option two, your creative work should strive to embody the principles outlined in the assignment, and your essay should make clear:

  1. Why you decided to change this fairy tale.
  2. Why you decided to intervene and change it at this particular point.
  3. How do your changes affect the moral of the tale
  4. Why did you decided to state your moral clearly or *not* state your moral clearly.

Of crucial importance here will be the essay explaining the intentions of your creative work.

Option 3: Middle-grade readers (Creative Assignment + Short Essay)

        And, for this option, your creative work should bear the influence of the principles outlined in the assignment, and your essay should demonstrate

  1. How your story intersects with (and/or departs from) Arnold Lobel's four Frog and Toad books.
  2. How and why you decided upon the topic of this particular story. Decide what a new story will be about. Review your notes on how Lobel's stories work.
  3. An awareness of the length and vocabulary of middle-grade readers. Each story should be no more than about 350 words long, and should limit its word choice to "Grades 1-3."
  4. How the story subtly delivers its moral or morals.

Again, the essay explaining the intentions of your creative work will be very important.

Useful Handouts: Four Options for Paper #2 | Imagery and Figurative Language | Thesis vs. Topic | Keys to Structure and Style | Sample Essay #1 | Sample Essay # 2 (both sample essays answer questions on the first paper assignment).

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