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Fall, 1991-present.
Assistant professor of English, Kansas State University 1991-96;
Associate professor of English, Kansas State University 1997-present.
Engl. 110, Honors English (Writing);
Engl. 251, Introduction to literature;
Engl. 252, Introduction to literary study;
Engl. 355, Literature for children;
Engl. 362, British Survey II;
Engl. 395, Twentieth-century fairy tales;
Engl. 545, Literature for adolescents;
Engl. 630, Victorian novel;
Engl. 630, Victorian fantasy;
Engl. 660, Readings in Dickens and Thackeray;
Engl. 690, Victorian children's literature;
Engl. 690, Classics in children's literature;
Engl. 710, British children's literature;
Engl. 710, Victorian realist novel in the 1840s and 50s;
Engl. 799, C.S. Lewis and his literary and critical oeuvre;
Engl. 825 Engendering Victorians: Studies in the representation of the self;
Engl 830 The Invention of Childhood

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