A. Sisson ENGL 355

Connector's Sheet
Connection #1
I think you could compare Pippi to a stereotypical freshman in college. I know this might be a stretch but bear with me. When many people think of the first year of college they think of it as an adjustment and time to experiment new things. This is the time when you can be as wild as ever because you have no one to answer to. This is many people's first time on their own. I think any a way ,hat is how Pippi is acting. She has no one to answer to and can do anything and everything she pleases.
Connection #2
I think that Pippi can be connected to what many children dream of being. I know that I dreamt of living alone without parents and be able to do what I wanted. I also know that I dreamt of not having to go to school. So Pippi is that fantasy person that many children dream of being.
Connection #3
I think that Pippi can be compared to Ramona Quimby in a way. Ramona to many of the adults was seen as a pest. Pippi is also seen as a pest to many adults. She does what she pleases whether it is right or wrong and this annoys many adults. I think Ramona also annoys adults by the things she does even thought she also thinks they are right as Pippi does. So, to adults both Pippi and Ramona are pests.
Connection #4
Pippi can be compared to the characters in the movie The Little Rascals. In this movie you rarely see parents that the children have to answer to. They also have to opportunity to do as they please without adults to answer to. Pippi is just like them and goes around doing just what she pleases as the rascals also do.

Theme: To live the way it makes you happy.
I think that Pippi clearly chose to live life in a way that made her happy at all times. She had no one to answer to, so she was aloud to do as she pleased. She was a pest to many adults but that did not stop her from making herself happy. She is the fantasy that many children want to become. She can do as she pleases and make herself as happy as she wants.

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