J. Moore
Connector Role

1.Connection one-I think there is a connection between Pippi and the little tailor.

*Pippi and the tailor were both little people, but they insisted on being at the top. They managed to create identities that put them above everyone else. For example, Pippi told everyone that her father was a Cannibal King and that her mother was a angel. I think this made other children envy Pippi. On the other hand, the little tailor made himself a belt that said "seven at one blow." This made everyone in the land fear the tailor and he ended up married to a princess. He never told anyone that the seven things he killed were flies.

2.Connection two-I think there is a connection between Ramona and Pippi.

*I think Ramona and Pippi had similar luck at school. Ramona sang the "dawnzer" song, while Pippi thought she would learn "pluttifikation." They both disobeyed without knowing they were being deviant. For example, Ramona told Miss Binney she could not stop pulling hair. She honestly did not mean to cause trouble. Pippi received a quiz from her teacher. Pippi told her that if she did not know the answers, she was not going to tell her. I do not think Pippi understood what she was supposed to do.

3.Connection three-I think there is a connection between Pippi and Superman.

*I think Pippi seems like she is invincible. She can do things that most people could not do. She can pick up and move horses, bulls, and strong men. She was the only one who could save the children in the burning building. Everyone sat back and watched as she saved them. In the same way, Superman was able to do things no one else could do. There was never a job too tough for Superman.

4.Connection four-I think there is a connection between Pippi and Kimmy from "Full House."

*In the book we see that Pippi enjoys challenging the norm. She does not conform to the normal way of dressing, doing her hair, or sleeping in her bed. Pippi played with Tommy and Annika, who seemed to be more "normal" kids. This reminded me of Kimmy from "Full House." Kimmy's character was pretty outrageous compared to the average lives of D.J., Stephanie, and Michele. For example, Kimmy got her ears pierced when she was only fourteen. D.J., Stephanie, and Michele were not allowed to get their ears pierced until they were sixteen. Kimmy did whatever she wanted to do. However, like Tommy and Annika, D.J., Stephanie, and Michele had restrictions.

By looking at these connections, I found that there was a little bit of Pippi in many different characters I was already familiar with. These connections helped me to learn more about Pippi through other characters, and allowed me to compare and contrast Pippi with the other characters. I think making these comparisons helped me identify with Pippi better. I think Pippi's personality is a result of her not having parental guidance and her experiences at sea. Pippi has never been the norm and she does not have anyone to make her conform. She is a "one of a kind" and she knows it.

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