ENGL 355 N. Haverkamp Pippi Longstocking-Connector 2/1/01

1 ) I saw a connection between Pippi Longstocking and Ramona in Ramona the Pest. Both the girls were very creative and thought a lot about what was said to them or others. Also kids tend to fall in love with both characters. Everyone, especially as kids, wants to be them. Everyone wants to be Ramona because she is brave and gutsy. Even more want to be Pippi. Pippi is a child's hero or ideal, because of the life she leads.

2) Pippi also reminds me of the little boy in the movie Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. In the movie the boy wears whatever he wants and eats whatever and whenever he wants. Also the boy didn't want to go to school at the beginning, much little Pippi did not want to go back to school. However the boy was around an adult, but did not know what responsibility was required with a child.

3) Pippi could have a connection with a typical elderly lady. Many older women try to get their point across without ever really saying it. Much like Pippi did at the coffee party. Pippi was trying to let the ladies know that they should appreciate the servants instead of picking out all their flaws. Older women have their own way of letting someone know they don't agreed with them without coming out and saying it.

4) There could also be a connection made between Pippi and most young kids are bound to disobey or upset authoritarian figures. However most kids would rather get yelled at and in trouble by a stranger rather than a friend's parent or family member. It never phased Pippi when the Ringmaster or The Mighty Adolf was mad, but when Mrs. Settergren disciplined Pippi, Pippi's eyes welled with tears, and she apologized. .

As I reflected on the book Pippi Longstocking I see an ordinary yet extraordinary girl. I believe the theme of this book is to let young children see a child much like them but to be able to view her as a hero. Pippi is to represent all sorts of people, the young, the old, the rich and the poor. She is as much like an adult in a child's body as anyone could be. She is able to support herself and quite well at that, but she lacks any physical person to view as family.

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