H. Adcock
Children's Lit.

1. Ramona & Pippi

Pippi Longstocking and Ramona Quimby are very similar characters. Both girls are very creative with the way they think. Pippi seems to understand the big picture in her encounters and Ramona doesn't, but they both conceive outrageous ideas. Both Pippi and Ramona mean well when they interact with others, but don't always come off like they mean well.

2. Pippi Longstocking and Mary Poppins

Pippi is like Mary Poppins because both characters have a bit of a magical aire. Pippi as well as Mary Poppins captivate their audiences by unusual and outlandish behaviors and ideas. Both are seen as a menis [menace], but at the end, show how important they are, and come up on top.

3 Pippi & Ernest T. Bass
On the Andy Griffith show, there was a character that was seen as a back woods crazy man who would always do thing,s that were seen improper by others. Ernest T. Bass and Pippi both get judged unfairly, Pippi, when she was to be taken to the children's home and Earnest T. when everyone thought he should be taken to a nut farm.

4. As a Child
When I was younger I had a friend who was older, but was always thinking up ideas for games. Most of the ideas were fun, some were not acceptable though. One idea was that she wanted to fly. So we tried to fly off the roof of an old barn. There were hay bails [bales] under us, so we had a soft landing. When our parents found out we were in a lot of trouble. Although she had thought she had really flown.

Throughout this book, Pippi constantly has thought up new and out of the ordinary thoughts. She has a miraculous imagination that has demonstrated to the reader that different people have different ideas. Everyone should be given the right to think and feel in their own way, regardless of how others feel. Pippi is a great role model for that, for children everywhere.

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