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IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society


Providing support for both individual and group projects is one of the several ways that our chapter prepares members for potential careers in the biomedical engineering field. In the past, these projects have been primarily hosted by the K-State Medical Component Design Laboratory, but also draw from other individual research and teaching laboratories. Our design teams have produced real solutions for individuals suffering from Parkinson's disease and arthritis. These include a stabilized computer mouse, a battery removal tool, a wireless door actuation and communication system.

Current Team Projects

Prosthetic Design Team

The Prosthetic Design team is currently working one main project and a couple of side projects at the moment.

The main project is a self-adjusting prosthetic leg socket. The need for this arises because amputees lose volume in their residual limb throughout the day. This fluctuation is due to the uptake and loss of water through food and sweating. Amputees typically have to add socks onto their limb as it shrinks to ensure a snug fit between the limb and socket. If this isn’t a good fit, sores can develop on the end of the limb that require the user to not use their prosthetic leg while it heals.

Their solution is to use pressure sensors and a feedback loop to automatically adjust the prosthetic socket throughout the day, and to also allow the user to adjust the settings through an app on their phone. When being fit with the socket by their prosthetist, the allowable pressure range would be set.

In addition to this, they are working on a couple of side project:

  • working on reverse-engineering a prosthetic knee
  • Planning on getting involved in e-NABLE, an open-source community that 3D prints prosthetic hands for those in need
  • Attempting to create a gait system to model the movement of an able-bodied person and compare that to someone with a prosthetic leg.