Graduate School Weekly Newsletter

August 24, 2021

New Interim Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Dr. Sarah Reznikoff, Professor of Mathematics, has joined the Graduate School’s leadership team as Interim Associate Dean. In this position Dr. Reznikoff will work proactively with academic units in developing new and existing graduate programs. She will represent the Graduate School on university committees and councils, and work collaboratively with the Vice President for Research, the Associate Deans Research Council, and the Student Success Coordinator on matters related to graduate education. Dr. Reznikoff served one term on the Graduate Council and four years on Faculty Senate. She was the Director of Graduate Studies in Mathematics for seven years.

The Graduate Faculty Associate

Dr. Phillip "Phil" Payne will continue his role as graduate faculty associate, albeit in a more limited capacity. He will be working with the Graduate School and the Graduate Council Assessment and Program Review committee to review the current graduate program review process and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the program review process.

Graduate School Degree Analyst search now open

As was shared in our last newsletter, Jamie Clark’s last day in the Graduate School was August 6. Stephanie Wacker has filled Jamie’s position and will be working with programs in the College of Education and the College of Health and Human Sciences. A search is now open for a degree analyst who will work with the programs previously supported by Stephanie. Details of the position can be found on the Human Capital Services website.


Graduate School Orientation Recordings Available

We were pleased to engage with many graduate students in-person and via Zoom during our Graduate Student Experience Welcome session on August 18! Students who could not join live may visit our orientation webpage to access a recording of the session, as well as recordings of the Zoom sessions held on July 20 and August 4.

Mental Health Resources Panel Discussion

All graduate students are invited to this session on Sept. 7 from noon-1pm in 227 Union ( to discuss common mental health challenges in getting a graduate degree, including stress, anxiety, depression, and impostor syndrome. Dealing with these challenges is particularly difficult during the ongoing pandemic. The panel will discuss these challenges and outline the resources available for students to address them; panelists include a doctor from Lafene, a counselor, a professor, and current students.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Information Session

The Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships, the Graduate School, and the Office of Research Development are hosting an information session on the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) on September 8, 2021 at 3:30 pm via zoom. A panel of faculty members who have served on review panels for this program will discuss tips and provide advice that you will not find in this program’s Request for Proposals. Students will also have an opportunity to talk about their research ideas with the panel. This session should be of interest to graduate students and undergraduate seniors, since both are eligible to apply. Advance registration is requested.

Registration Open! Research and the State poster session

Graduate students from all disciplines are invited to participate in the Graduate Student Council's annual Research and the State graduate student poster session, to be held October 27, 2021. Ten presenters will be selected to represent K-State at the annual Capitol Graduate Research Summit (CGRS) held in the spring. Additionally, Research and the State is a great opportunity for graduate students to share their research or scholarly work with the campus community. Registration deadline: September 17, 2021.


TOEFL Essentials English Proficiency Test Scores

ETS has developed an additional version of the TOEFL test (TOEFL Essentials) for at-home test takers. The Graduate School accepts all valid TOEFL scores. For more information about the Essentials test, see:

Graduate Applications Processing

The deadline for departments to recommend admission for international applicants for Spring 2022 is September 1, 2021 for individuals who are living outside of the United States or for applicants who are currently enrolled at an institution in the United States who plan to travel outside of the USA prior to January 2022. The deadline to recommend those who are currently in the USA and do not plan on traveling outside the USA is October 1, 2021.

Graduate Faculty Applications Processing

Graduate faculty membership is required for instructors who teach 600-level and above courses. The monthly deadline to have new Graduate Faculty memberships considered at the next Graduate Council Academic Affairs committee meeting is the 10th of the month. Please ensure that new hires for graduate-level instruction have graduate faculty membership.


Save the date for Fall Semester Brown Bags

All Brown Bags will be held from 11:30am-12:30pm and will be in-person with an option to attend via Zoom.

  • September 21, 209 Union
  • October 19, Konza Room Union
  • November 15, 209 Union
  • December 13, 209 Union


View the Graduate School’s full calendar of events.

Sep 7 Mental Health Resources panel discussion, noon-1pm, 227 Union
Sep 8 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program information session, 3:30pm-5:00pm, Zoom

Sep 17

Research and the State registration deadline

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