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English Language Program

150 Student Learning Outcomes

Intermediate English II (DAS 150) Listening

A student who successfully completes this course:
Has sufficient vocabulary to understand an academic lecture
Can paraphrase academic discourse
Can identify main idea and supporting details of a complex academic lecture
Can take notes independently from a longer academic lecture with main idea and supporting details
Can organize notes and use them effectively for test preparation and to answer test questions
Can discuss notes with other students and draw conclusions

Intermediate English II (DAS 150) Speaking

A student who successfully completes this course:
Demonstrates ability to converse about general topics
Can ask and answer questions appropriately and accurately
Can participate in large and small group discussions
Can speak briefly in impromptu situations
Can use level-appropriate vocabulary on selected non-personal topics
Can use grammar from previous levels, and perfect tenses, complex sentences,  gerunds and infinitives, and conditionals
Can produce consonant and vowel sounds, and can manage suprasegmentals
Can read level-appropriate material aloud
Can follow and participate in conversations at level
Can briefly explain level-appropriate academic vocabulary 
Can support answers with clearly related reasons and examples
Can give brief summaries of level-appropriate academic material

Intermediate English II (DAS 150) Written Communication

A student who successfully completes this course will be able to use:
all verb tenses (excluding Past Perfect Progressive, Future Perfect, and Future Perfect Progressive)
a variety of sentence structures (simple, compound, and complex) with increasing ability
noun, adjective, and adverb clauses
connectives in clauses 
gerunds and infinitives 
passive voice and differentiate between passive and active 
modals of ability, advice, obligation, necessity, polite requests, expectations, and suggestions 
increasing ability to use prewriting and organizational skills
an understanding and application of simple, compound, and complex sentences to add clarity to writing
increasing written coherence through organization, development, and word choice
increasing ability to analyze and revise own writing
increasing ability to edit own writing for mechanical and structural errors 
understanding of the concept of constructive criticism regarding peer’s work
understanding and increasing ability to express ideas in academic essays with introduction, two or more body paragraphs, and conclusion 
understanding and increasing ability to summarize and respond to readings in oral and written form

Intermediate English II (DAS 150) Reading

A student who successfully completes this course will be able to improve:
Comprehension of readings at level
identify main ideas, supporting details, and conclusions
recognize organizational patterns
make inferences
paraphrase and summarizing
answer various types of comprehension questions
guess the meanings and words in context
understand word forms
recognize and using collocations
recognize and using connotations
identify and use more strategies to increase reading rate
complete reading tasks within a specified time
Classroom and Test-taking skills
discuss reading
recognize, pronounce, and spell new vocabulary
use skimming/scanning techniques to answer questions
respond to readings in short and/or essay length answers
understand academic test questions and directions
read level text at a minimum of 200 WPM with at least 70% comprehension
use paced and timed readings to increase reading speed with leveled texts