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Department of Economics

Mian F. Raza

International Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics

Mian F. Raza

I am a Doctoral Candidate in Economics. My research focuses on International Economics and Industrial Organization. I examine the trade interaction between developed and developing countries using a two-market equilibrium model that allows endogenous quality upgradation by duopolistic firms. My research interests are in the fields of International Economics, Industrial Organization, and Applied Microeconomics. My work has been published in peer-reviewed economics journals, including Economics Letters, and Public Choice.

As a Primary Instructor at Kansas State University, I have taught several economics and business courses of various class sizes in multiple settings including On-campus and Online courses.

I am involved in leadership activities at Kansas State University. As such, since Spring 2018, I am serving as a Graduate Student Ambassador for the Graduate School.

I spend my leisure time by playing cricket and squash. I am a big fan of “Jahangir Khan”, a world-renowned squash Champion.

I will be at 2019 ASSA/AEA annual meeting in Atlanta, January 4-6 for a poster presentation and available for interviews.

Advisor: Dr. Yang-Ming Chang

Email: mianfarrukhraza@ksu.edu
Phone: (718) 915-0170
Kansas State University
Department of Economics
327 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
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