Internship Possibilities

Vacation Bible School Coordinator - First Presbyterian Church of Junction City

This position begins with planning work in mid-March and is open until filled or March 10th. This is especially a great opportunity for somebody considering a career in education, recreation, ministry, or community organizing. The total stipend is $1,500. For more information see the position description. For more information or apply send a resume, cover letter, and contact information for three references to Erik Graefe at

Day Camp Counselor - Riley/Fairview Presbyterian Church

Riley/Fairview is seeking two interns for their annual children’s Day Camp, held. June 19-23. It involves being present each day during the camp, and at the Sunday night before (June 18). This is especially a great opportunity for anybody interested in education and/or ministry with children. The stipend is $500 for the week. ECM has placed interns at the camp for the last two years and they have all had a great experience. For more information or to apply send a resume, cover letter, and contact information for three references to Erik Graefe at

National Benevolent Association: NBA XPLOR

A faith-based 10-month, congregationally-hosted residency program designed for 21-30 year olds looking to explore lives of care and service.

Disciples Home Missions/UCC Partners in Service Summer Internship or Mission Opportunities

Work beyond cultural boundaries, faithfulness beyond the familiar. Places where people are in pain. Places you may not choose for a vacation.
More information: or contact Mary Schaller Blaufuss at 216.736.3214 or

United Church of Christ Young Adult Service Communities

Looking for persons; who are committed to actions of service and social justice, conscientious living and spiritual reflection and are 21 - 30 years old.
Contact Information: Yonce Shelton ( or 301.761.4166

Broad Street Ministry Youth Initiative

Looking for students who value social justice and service, interested in the opportunity to engage with youth in meaningful ways. vulnerable Philadephians and teens in a meaningful way while reflecting on the Christian faith. This is a great opporunity for anybody interested in urban ministry. The position if for 10 weeks over the summer and offers a stipend, housing, meals, and some transportation. Applications are due Feburary 14, 2017. For more information visit contact Devin Johns at 215.735.4847 x108.

The Forum for Theological Exploration

From fellowships for prospective and current seminary students to recruitment initiatives for congregations, FTE offers many different kinds of resources for many different needs through the programs described here.
More information at: Grants & Fellowships

Appalachian Outreach

A poverty ministry is seeking students who have an interest and/or experience in doing home repair work, children's ministry, ministry center (clothing, food, furniture, computer and Hispanic ministries), and/or homeless shelter work in the summer. Contact Karrie Foust at 865.475.5611 or
Description and Application:

Servic Programs that Change the World

This website provides information about 29 organizations that place young adults in yearlong community placements throughout the country and around the world. There are many diverse opportunities for service and advocacy. Many but not all are faith-based:

Job Possibilities

There are no job posting at this time.