About ECM

ECM is a campus ministry at Kansas State University that encourages students to explore their spiritual beliefs through fellowship, study, and service.  Our meeting place, a building on the west side of campus,  is named the ECM Campus Center. The Campus Center is open daily from 8am - 9pm (as long as there aren't previously scheduled events) for relaxation, studying, or to enjoy time with friends.

ECM stands for Ecumenical Campus Ministry.  “Ek-you-men-i-kuhl” is an ancient Greek word that describes efforts to bring together diverse elements in a way that celebrates their unity.  More specifically, it usually refers to the efforts of Christians to seek and to celebrate the things that unite people of faith, rather than dwell on the things that divide us.  “Ecumenical” is a still great word, even if it is hard to pronounce.  It aptly describes what ECM—and two thousand years of Christian practice at its best—is all about. 

ECM is a cooperative ministry sponsored by the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Church of Christ, and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), including four local congregations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ecumenical Campus Ministry at Kansas State University is to invite both religious and non-religious young adults in the university community to engage the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


In doing so we will offer a hospitable environment where young adults can experience joy and fulfillment through:

Exploring Faith. Whether you are a freshman whose faith is being challenged for the first time by the univeristy experience, or a seasoned student looking for uninhibited, intellctually rigorous conversation, you will find support and encouragement for your spiritual struggle at ECM through discussions about faith, studying the Bible, interfaith dialogue, praying and praising God in worship.

Coming Together. Sharing time, sharing stories of our lives and sharing food with others have always been the fundamental building blocks of human community. You will find lots of opportunities to do just that at ECM through our Sunday Night table fellowship, coffeehouses, International Friendship dinners, retreats and numberous other fun activities throughout the year.

Meeting Needs. Serving others has always been a mark of those who follow Jesus. If you are interested in participating with a group of persons who love to help others, act with compassion and work to alleviate the suffering of others, then come to ECM. We regularly engage in community service projects, winter and spring break mission trips and advocating for a variety of social justice concerns.