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Native Earthworm Distributions - Published Records

Published records of earthworms in the peer-reviewed literature are an important resource for biologists. Earthworm specimens in museums are also a valuable resource. Many of these records can be displayed on the map below by clicking on the checkbox for each species (13 species as of June 2010). You may also view non-native earthworm distributions (7 species as of June 2010). Click on each point for details about that record. Zoom in to view all of the records (adjacent points may appear hidden).

Bimastos gieseleri Bimastos parvus Bimastos welchi Bimastos sp.**
Diplocardia communis Diplocardia conoyeri Diplocardia hulberti Diplocardia kansensis
Diplocardia longiseta Diplocardia riparia Diplocardia rugosa Diplocardia singularis
Diplocardia smithii Diplocardia verrucosa Diplocardia sp.** Show/Hide All

** These records could only be identified to the genus level.