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Earthworm Distributions - New Records by Species

Display new records of Kansas earthworms (collected by Earthworms Across Kansas participants) on the map below by clicking on the checkbox for each species. You may also view these data by collection. Click on each point for details about that record. Zoom in to view all of the records (adjacent points may appear hidden).

Summary information

Participants have collected and returned the following specimen data. We have processed, identified, and posted these records as of 12 December 2011.

  • Specimens collected and identified: 3083 individuals.
  • Species collected and identified: 21.
  • 9 species collected are native to North America (genera Diplocardia and Bimastos).
  • 12 species collected are non-native:
    • 8 are European (genera Aporrectodea, Lumbricus, and Octolasion).
    • 4 are Asian (genera Amynthas and Perionyx[pending confirmation, not shown at this time], and Family Moniligastridae [pending confirmation, not shown at this time]).

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Lumbricus sp.**
Lumbricus rubellus
Lumbricus terrestris
Aporrectodea sp.**
Aporrectodea caliginosa
Aporrectodea longa
Aporrectodea rosea
Aporrectodea trapezoides
Aporrectodea tuberculata
Octolasion tyrtaeum
Bimastos parvus
Bimastos tumidus
Amynthas sp.**
Amynthas corticis
Amynthas hupeiensis
Diplocardia sp.**
Diplocardia communis
Diplocardia hulberti
Diplocardia longiseta
Diplocardia riparia
Diplocardia rugosa
Diplocardia singularis
Diplocardia verrucosa

* These records could only be identified to the family level.
** These records could only be identified to the genus level.