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Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs

12th Annual Midwest HALO Encuentro
Keynote Speaker: Mateo Magdaleno 


Mateo Magdaleno

Mateo Raul Magdaleno is an author and Chief Education Officer for the IDQ Group Inc., providing innovative education strategies to corporations, non-profit, government agencies, universities and school districts who are committed to reducing the dropout rate and increasing college enrollment among underserved students. Magdaleno is also the Founder and Chairman of The Magdaleno Leadership Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to building high school student servant leaders. Most recently, Magdaleno was appointed by the U.S. Senate Majority Leader and confirmed by Congress, to serve a four-year term on the U.S. Congressional Award National Board of Directors, who present Congress’s highest award for youth. He also serves on the Texas Advisory Council for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and serves on the National Advisory Board of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. In addition, to managing his own business and philanthropic work, Magdaleno serves as the caregiver of his elderly mother, Maria and in the process of adopting his older sister, Sylvia Magdaleno, who is gifted with down syndrome. Furthermore, Magdaleno is currently working with Reconciliation Outreach on creating a safe house for homeless college students, to be completed by spring 2018.


Mateo's keynote address:

The empowerment performance seeks to inspire and motivate through a real life narrative calling students to action, while providing them the tools needed to affect change within themselves and in their communities. During the empowerment speech Mateo will share his “slums-to-success” life story interpreted through various creative forms.

The goal of the empowerment speech performance is to:

  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Empower