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Intercultural Learning

Intercultural learning leads us to strengthen our self-awareness and awareness of others. Intercultural development helps us to understand how to respond, behave, and reflect when around people like us or different from us. Intercultural learning and development does not ask us to change who we are or what we value. Intercultural development guides us to work successfully in community with others who are different than us in the classroom, personally, and professionally.

When we reach "intercultural confidence", we may state:

“I feel comfortable and do not feel threatened by others who may come from different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, faith communities, or socio-economic ‘classes’.”

  • I participate in intercultural activities without hesitation and when opportunities arise
  • I can freely adapt to other cultural groups without giving up my own, inter-sectional identity
  • I am aware of myself and how I interact with others
  • I am curious about others
  • I feel comfortable asking questions when I don’t understand

"I am inter-culturally confident"

Dr. Debra Bolton is the director of intercultural learning and academic success: dbolton@ksu.edu

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