Developing Cultural Competency Workshops

This initiative involves not only the development of cultural competency workshops but also establishing the mechanism to both offer the workshops and track their mandatory completion by faculty and staff.

Status: Pending

The action team is currently developing next steps.

Timeline and Milestones

The timeline and milestones for this initiative are currently under development by the action team.

Accountable Administrators and Action Team

This initiative is led by a core leadership team that will expand to include subcommittees while stakeholder feedback is being gathered and concerns are being documented. The lead administrator identified below will be responsible for initiating and reporting on the progress of the initiative overall.

Core leadership team

  • Bryan Samuel, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, lead administrator
  • Jay Stephens, Vice President for Human Capital Services
  • Charles Taber, Provost and Executive Vice President
  • Affinity Group leaders and Multicultural Student Organization representatives will also be announced soon