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Guest Lectures 2022

We are excited to have an excellent slate of expert guest lecturers for the 2022 K-State Debate Camp ready to help students better understand the Emerging Technologies debate topic.

Follow this link for more information about the  K-State Debate Camp.

Dr. Eugene Vasserman

Vasserman headshotDr. Eugene Vasserman is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and the Director of the KSU Center for Information and Systems Assurance at Kansas State University. His expertise lies in cybersecurity, particularly privacy, anonymity, censorship resistance, cyber-physical systems (CPS/IoT), and socio-technical aspects. Dr. Vasserman's research has resulted in over 45 peer reviewed publications in computer science, psychology, and education. He is also the faculty adviser for the Cyber Defense Club and spent several years as a staff fellow at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) assisting with the cybersecurity aspects of medical device safety. Dr. Vasserman will be sharing his wealth of cybersecurity expertise with the K-State Debate camp, providing a view of the Emerging Technologies topic. His lecture will address the relationship between the technological and sociopolitical dimensions of security and privacy technologies as well as helping students understand the nature, scope, and magnitude of current cybersecurity threats.

 Dr. Heather Woods

Woods HeadshotDr. Heather Woods is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies in Communication Studies at Kansas State. Dr. Woods is a scholar of digital rhetoric whose research focuses on the relationship between technology and culture. She has studied how memes influence political elections, how people negotiate the rise of artificially intelligent virtual assistants, and how people communicate with unknown others on social media. Her research has been featured in Wired, The Atlantic, CBC’s Spark, The Washington Post, The LA Times, and more. She also advises not-for-profit and advocacy groups on digital strategy and offers digital literacy and communication training. Dr. Woods’ current line of research explores the relationship between Smart Homes, AI and algorithmic bias, surveillance and platform capitalism, and the cultural politics of race, gender, and disability. In addition to her academic accomplishments, Dr. Woods is also an Alumni of the K-State Debate Team and a former debate instructor. Dr. Woods will be sharing her expertise at the intersection of culture and technology to help students better understand the social issues undergirding the emerging technologies topic. Her lecture will discuss critical social issues related to AI, Smart Cities, surveillance, data colonialism, and other scholarly concerns at the heart of the Kritik debates on the Emerging Technologies Topic.