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Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

Content Experts

Kansas State University is implementing an enterprise-wide CRM to support the business functions of all colleges, departments, and campuses to foster a long-term relationship with students by tracking touchpoints and through improved communication. The CRM will manage domestic and international, undergraduate and graduate, non-credit, and distance education students. The following content expert groups have been created to provide input and consistency in the enterprise-wide system: communications, data, documents, events, forms, and reporting.

Content Expert Groups

Content Expert Groups specialize in the following areas on the CRM system.


The members of the Communications Group will focus on optimizing communications to students, family members, educational partners, and others relevant to student engagement. Topics may include developing best practices for creating and dispatching campaigns, utilizing text messaging or chatbot features, recording print mailing and other contacts in the CRM, and developing a knowledge base of canned responses.

Ashley Nietfeld*Communications
Alexis BestwickCommunications
Deana CoreCommunications
Amy HallCommunications
Courtney HallenbackCommunications
Sandy KleinCommunications
Autumn ProsserCommunications
Roger SchiefereckeCommunications
Christine SplichalCommunications
Heather WagonerCommunications

* indicates the group lead



The members of the Data Group will focus on data security and accuracy. Topics may include discussions of data stewardship and which units have the responsibility for data accuracy, who has access to data by roles established in the system, issues of confidentiality and security, and best practices for accessing data for communications, events, documents, and reporting purposes.

Shawna Jordan*Data
Sara BlankleyData
Kathy BurkholderData
Russell HarpData
Stephanie McDowellData
Alice NiedfeldtData
Charlotte PfaffData
Colleen RittmanData
Kathy SandersData

* indicates the group lead



The members of the Documents Group will focus on the development of documents that feature consistent branding and provide a seamless user experience for internal and external audiences. Topics may include the development of brand/design standards in collaboration with the Division of Communications and Marketing and University Printing Services. Items may include nametags, campus visit schedules, event schedules, etc. Natural connections exist between the work of the communications, data, and event groups.

Lisa Last*Documents
Dave HoffmanDocuments
Eric HoffpauierDocuments
Leanne ReinemanDocuments

* indicates the group lead



The members of the Events Group will focus on events and campus visits. Topics may include best practices for effective campus visits and event management. The group may have recommendations for standardization across units for enhanced user experience for internal and external audiences. The group may have data requests related to tracking the effectiveness of events, including participant surveys and yield/matriculation measurements. Natural connections exist between the work of the communications, data, documents, and reporting groups.

Holly Gerke*Events
Lydia BarnhartEvents
Risa BrundgardtEvents
Julie DuncanEvents
Kris GrinterEvents
Marcus KiddEvents
Kimberly RamacciottiEvents

* indicates the group lead



The members of the Forms Group will focus on means of collecting data. Topics may include best practices for collecting prospective students, family members, educational partners, and others relevant to student engagement. The group may discuss innovative ways to collect interest from guests at events and suggest a mechanism for collecting data gathered from various units across campus. The group may have a recommendation for standardizing the placement of a single inquiry form across institutional websites. Natural connections exist between the work of the communications, data, documents, and events groups.

Maleah Lundeen*Forms
Tara JacksonForms
Landon LeikerForms
Mindy ReedForms
Craig WanklynForms

* indicates the group lead



The members of the Reporting Group will focus on establishing a structure for extracting data from the CRM for reports. Topics may include best practices for access to information related to students across the lifecycle (Search, Pre-applicant, Applicant, Admit, Committed, Enrolled) for relevant units. The group may address the needs of units for annual reports, grant applications, and other reporting needs. The group may discuss a way to measure the successful implementation/adoption of the CRM across the enterprise. Natural connections exist between the work of the data, communications, documents, events, and forms groups.

Bryon Williams*Reporting
Robert AutenReporting
Daniel CarrReporting
Kimathi ChomaReporting
Logan GaubyReporting
Nicole HamlerReporting
Tanya McGeeReporting

* indicates the group lead