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Doctoral Psychology Internship

Kansas State University

Fully accredited by the American Psychological Association

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Application and Selection Procedure

Minimum Criteria

Application Deadline The deadline has been extended to 12:00 midnight (CST) Saturday, November 21, 2015.

Open House for Intern Applicants

APPIC Guidelines and Selection Process

National Matching Service

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Minimum Criteria

  • Completion of a minimum of 800 hours of supervised practicum experiences in counseling and psychotherapy including 500 hours direct contact with clients prior to the internship.
  • Enrollment in an APA-Accredited Counseling or Clinical Psychology doctoral program.
  • An approved dissertation proposal prior to the start of the internship is preferred.
  • At least one practicum or work experience which primarily involved working with college students.

Application Process

The application process will occur on-line. All of the application materials will be uploaded via the applicant portal on the APPIC website. We will not accept any paper materials.


The deadline has been extended to 12:00 midnight (CST) Saturday, November 21, 2015.

The process in a nutshell

  1. Access the Online Applicant Portal at http://www.appic.org/ and complete the AAPI.
  2. Required materials include:
    • Completed AAPI application
    • Current Vitae
    • Cover letter -- Your cover letter must explain why you believe you would be a good fit with the internship program at Kansas State University Counseling Services. Be specific about your goals for internship and how our program in particular will help you meet these goals. It should be at least 300 words.
    • Three letters of reference -- Letters should be submitted with at least two from licensed psychologists who have supervised your clinical work. References should reflect your most recent work if possible.
    • Transcripts

Selection process

Each application is initially screened by the Selection Committee to ensure that the minimum criteria are met. Applicants who will not be considered further will be notified as soon as possible, but certainly no later than Friday, December 18, 2015.

After November 16, each applicant's file will be evaluated and rated by at least two Selection Committee members. All applications will then be discussed by the Committee and decisions will be made as to which applicants will receive a telephone interview. This process generally takes a few weeks.

The formal telephone interviews are usually conducted with at least two Training Team members interviewing the candidate. The interview questions are similar for each applicant and will include a hypothetical counseling situation to which the applicant will be asked to respond. We are interested in the applicant's professional and personal presentation. The interview evaluation is combined with the evaluation of the written application materials to determine an overall rating for each applicant.

The satisfactory completion of a background check is a condition of employment. Background checks will be initiated after Match Day.

Open House for Intern Applicants

All formal interviews are by phone; we do not conduct on site interviews. However, we welcome the opportunity to have intern applicants visit our counseling service and see our campus.

We will host an open house for intern applicants. The open house is scheduled for Friday, January 8, 2016, from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Please contact us at least two days in advance if you plan to attend. Our phone number is: (785) 532-6927.


APPIC Guidelines and Selection Process

We follow APPIC guidelines throughout the selection process.

The APPIC policy is available at the their web site:


National Matching Service

For information about on-line registration for the National Matching Service, contact:




The selection process can be very stressful for both the applicants and the internship program staff. We hope to make it as painless as possible and encourage you to ask questions when clarification is needed.


Questions should be directed to:

Amy Jo (A.J.) Williams, Ph.D., LP, Training Director
Counseling Services
232 English/Counseling Services Building
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-6503
phone: (785) 532-6927


Kansas State University is an Equal Opportunity Employer of individuals with disabilities and protected veterans.  Background check required.