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Breathing Exercise

the word breathe with a person standing behind with outstretched arms

Relax....Release....Let Go....

This quick exercise can be done multiple times during the day to release any tension that has built up.

It calms your mind and calms your body.

You breathe anyway, so why not occasionally give yourself a mini-break?

And at times of conflict, it can calm you, while oxygenating your brain allowing you to think more clearly before responding to a situation.


The easy three steps are as follows:

Relax....Letting your mind focus on the word RELAX, breathe in deeply at a count of 3-4, so deep and slow so that your diaphragm expands, making your stomach push against the waistline of your clothing.

Release....Thinking the word RELEASE as you begin to breath out slowly on a count of 4-5, imagine all the tension draining out through your breath until you

Let go....At the very end as you let out the last bit of air like the relief at the end of a big sigh...imagine a moment of freedom, lightness, calm, just before you begin to take your next breath.