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Managing My Time Means Managing Me

clock with a calendar and pen

Academic success is closely connected to successful use of time. We all have the same 24 hours available each day, but not all of us have developed the ATTITUDE about using that time to make it work effectively. Here are 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO to enhance your academic success through better use of your time!

  1. Make the decision to manage your time by managing yourself!  This is your life! You control it, or it controls you. Choose your goals and make them happen. There is nothing mysterious here: It is your decision to study instead of watch TV. It is your decision to start writing papers early.
  2. Pay attention to your time! Don't fritter it away.  Be aware of how you move through your life! Don't delay chores or assignments. Pay attention to what you can do now. Then, do it. 
  3. Make lists and carry a calendar!  Then use them! Staying organized will maximize your time  effectiveness. Write it down: track yourself with lists, plan your time with the calendar, and don't get lost in the process of organizing things. Organization is the tool, not the goal
  4. Anticipate your life!  Be realistic! Anticipate changing needs and demands, and be flexible in accommodating them. That includes taking care of yourself-eat healthy, sleep enough hours, exercise regularly, and make unscheduled time available regularly. Know your time wasters and plan for them.
  5. Learn to say NO!  You can't do it all! Thoughtfully consider your options, set your priorities, then organize your plans. Don't pack plans into every moment, and don't expect yourself to always do it all. Say NO to competing demands and requests and wishes. Delegate when you can.  Then relax and use your time to move toward your goals.


Written by Joyce Woodford
Kansas State University Counseling Services, Manhattan, KS © 2001