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Helpful Links

All of the following are unofficial links to other web pages offered on the Internet. The Counseling Services and Kansas State University are not responsible for their content.


  • Diversityweb : Provided by the University of Maryland, this web site connects to other colleges and universities who are "working to engage the diversity of the United States society in educational mission, campus climate, curriculum focus and connections with the larger society."
  • Progressive Alliance of K-State: This site is provided by a student organization on the K-State campus as an information service.


National Eating Disorders Association: The purpose of this web site is to provide accurate, up-to-date information about eating disorders, eating disorders treatment, and support-recovery resources to (a) individuals who have eating disorders, (b) individuals who have recovered from eating disorders, and (c) the family and friends of individuals who have eating disorders. In the treatment-related sections of the site, the use of a multidisciplinary treatment team is recommended referral and resource information is provided. Interested people with eating concerns may be interested in a using a Food Journal (pdf) that has been helpful to others in increasing awareness of their use of food. You're welcome to print out copies of the Food Journal for your own use. It can be read with Acrobat Reader.


Virtual Addiction: This web site is compiled by The Center for Internet Studies and Dr. David Greenfield, a consultant in that area. Has very interesting information on this topic.

Also the following links will lead you to very good information on Internet addiction:


APA Help Center: This site is provided by the American Psychological Association and lists resources to help people cope with stress. Examples of some topics covered: stressful family situations, dealing with the stress of a chronic illness, coping with job insecurity, workplace stress


Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology This site provides information about the way in which sport psychology services can be used to improve performance, to overcome the pressures of competition, and to provide psychological assistance with injury rehabilitation. Sport psychology practitioners can provide information about the role of psychological factors in sport, exercise, and physical activity to individuals, groups, and organizations. They may, for example, assist with exercise adherence, communication, teamwork, or program development and evaluation. They also can teach participants specific mental, behavioral, psychosocial, and emotional control skills for sport, exercise, and physical activity contexts. They might, for example, focus on relaxation, concentration, or the use of imagery.

These services are provided to campus athletes and performers through Kansas State University Counseling Services.



Some Counseling/Therapy Resources