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Guidelines for Dealing with Potential Suicide

Know the signs, find the words, reach out

  • IMMEDIATELY CONTACT 911 FOR URGENT ASSISTANCE if there is imminent danger of the person hurting him/herself (such as he/she having already taken an overdose or having a gun, knife, or other dangerous object in his/her possession and making threats against him/herself or against others, etc.).  The local police can do a safety check and can help bring the person to an emergency room for further evaluation and safety.
  • Take thoughts of suicide seriously.
  • Ask "Are you having thoughts of suicide?"
  • Listen with curiosity not judgment.
  • Stay with the person and get professional help.  If you live on campus, alert Housing staff.  Call 911 if you need immediate assistance.  Arrange for help if the person is not in immediate danger (e.g. walk to Counseling Services if a K-State student or to the local community mental health center).
  • Consult with a mental health professional if you are worried about someone.
  • For more information go to ULifeline.