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Counseling Services

Manage Your Stress


Free Self-Paced Online Workshops:

Academic Anxiety Academic Anxiety Online Workshop

Stress ManagementStress Management Online Workshop

These workshops will help increase awareness of the nature and causes of stress and expand your knowledge and effectiveness in using stress reduction strategies. Potential benefits include a reduction in anxiety and increased performance such as better time management skills and enhance test taking skills. These programs are self-directed online workshops featuring discussion boards to share concerns, get questions answered, and learn from other students.

Relaxation Techniques

A variety of relaxation exercises are also available to help you when you encounter stressful situations.

Check out this page for relaxation techniques that are useful either at home, at work or when you are on the go.


Articles to help with stress:

 Stress Caused My...

The Doctor Told Me That My Stress Caused My....

 A Good Night's Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep

 Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercise

 Quick Destressors

Quick De-Stressors!

 Time Management

Time Management

 Stressed Out Over Studying

Stressed Out Over Studying . . . Tests?

Test Stress

Test Stress

Test AnxietyHow Can You Reduce Test Anxiety?