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Counseling Services

What can I expect?

The mission of the Counseling Service is to provide consultation to the campus community and short-term assistance to currently registered students who have concerns in areas of decision-making, crisis intervention, problem-solution, adjustment or matters of personal concern that could interfere with academic success.  During the initial session at Counseling Services, the counselor will clarify and assess your presenting concerns and determine the options available for addressing your needs.  By the end of the initial consultation contact, you may expect to gain at least three things: (1) identification of possible goals you might work toward in counseling; (2) a tentative plan for getting to that goal; and (3) some recommendations about options/resources that you may need to work toward your goal.  When time-limited service is not sufficient to meet your needs, the counselor will then determine if any extended care can be managed within the time and service availability of this agency or if referral alternatives within the community would be more appropriate.

How will my counselor be assigned?

Typically for the initial consultation session, the appointment will be arranged based upon matching your schedule to the first available counselor. In some situations, the choice of a particular counselor may depend upon certain preferences/specializations to meet your needs. If you prefer to see a male or a female counselor, please make that request known. Attempts will be made to accommodate your request or to discuss options with you.


There are fees charged for services. You will be billed for services as follows:

Currently Registered Students may receive up to four sessions each fiscal year (July 1-June 30) at no charge. Charges will be administered at $15.00 per hour for sessions 5-10 and $25.00 per hour for sessions 11 and over.

Non-students (spouses/partners of students, faculty or staff) are seen on a limited basis for one consultation. Additional services are based on staff availability. The initial consultation is at no charge; additional sessions cost $77.00/hour.

Because the demand for services often exceeds the number of appointment times available, students may need to wait for the next available appointment.

If you have to cancel an appointment, we ask that you give at least 24 hour notice so that it may open up an appointment time for another student.  If you do not show for an appointment or do not give at least 24 hours for a cancellation, each of such missed sessions will be considered a session used and pertinent charges will be applied.

There are also fee charges for groups and testing. For details, please check with our office staff or with your counselor.

You may pay for charges at the time they are incurred. You may access your account statement online click on "My Counseling Services Account"; we do not mail out monthly statements. The total amount of the balance does not have to be paid immediately, but a minimal payment is expected monthly until the balance is paid in full. If an account goes 60 days past due, it is filed with the university as a delinquency and so marked on your student record until payment is received. If an account goes 120 days past due and you have not contacted Counseling Services to set up a payment plan the account may be sent to a collection agency. Counseling Services currently accepts cash, checks, money orders, Visa, and MasterCard as forms of payment. There is a $30 charge for returned checks.

Insurance Information

The Counseling Services does not process or submit billing to insurance companies for you. However, you may on your own submit a bill from Counseling Services to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Information will not be released to your insurance company without your written permission. In addition, please be aware that some of the services provided here will not be covered by an insurance carrier, so we cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for these services. If you have questions about these matters, please discuss it with your counselor.



Our staff represents a variety of professionals and professionals-in-training: psychologists, post-doctoral fellows, master's-level counselors and doctoral psychology interns. Occasionally, we also may have graduate students in an advanced practicum from the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology and the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy.  Audio/video recording of counseling sessions is done to improve the effectiveness of all of our counselors through supervision and training activities. Doctoral interns and master's student-trainees are required to audio/video record each session. There may also be an occasional session in which a supervisor may request to observe or sit-in on a session. You may be assured that the content of these sessions will only be used in professional supervision, audio/video recorded materials are stored on a securely protected server and do not leave the agency, and audio/video-recorded materials will be destroyed after supervision is completed.