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Distance Learners

K-State Counseling Services has a variety of Online Programs and Resources for distance students. These resources cover a wide range of topics, and are available to all students free-of-charge.  We do not provide online or telephone therapy services.


Online Programs LogoThe staff at Counseling Services recognizes that students have many demands placed upon them. We offer a variety of online programs and resources in order to provide services that fit into your schedule.
RelaxA variety of relaxation exercises are also available to help you when you encounter stressful situations.
Apps Check out this page for relaxation techniques that are useful either at home, at work or when you are on the go!
Kat Chats LogoCounseling Services is committed to a campus environment that promotes and enhances human strength and positive mental health practices. In order to meet this commitment we provide presentations on timely topics. If you have questions please contact us (785)532-6927.
University Life Cafe LogoThis website is K-State's online, interactive community that also contains lots of information to help students be personally and academically successful.
At Risk LogoWe encourage all students to participate in At-Risk Training on how/when to approach students of concern. The training takes about 30 - 45 minutes to complete and provides you the opportunity to work with an avatar to work on the skills interactively.
ULifeline LogoWe have partnered with ULifeline, a national website, where you can access helpful information on a variety of topics pertinent to your college experience including suicide prevention information.