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Career Development Services

Students often have difficulty making connections with the world of work. In our fast paced world it is not surprising that making decisions about career and majors can be confusing. Some students are establishing their career identities, exploring their interests, discovering their strengths, and identifying values that they hope to realize in their adult lives; whereas other students may be reexamining their career identities and changing directions.

Career Development counseling and programs are available for students wherever they might find themselves in this process. Small classes and workshops facilitate students assessment of their values, personal characteristics, abilities, skills, and interests. Students complete inventories designed to stimulate thinking about themselves. Resources for researching occupations are introduced. Goal-setting and decision-making processes are taught. Career counseling is also available for students who may want to conduct a more in-depth and personal exploration of their career development concerns.

Classes: During Fall and Spring semester, one online section of the Career and Life Planning class is offered. This two credit hour class is listed as EDCEP 202.

Class description:  This is an eight-week, two credit course.  Class begins by encouraging students to examine/identify their interests, personality characteristics, values, skills, strengths, and negative thoughts that may be interfering in their decision making.  This increased insight into themselves will offer them further direction in choosing a major.

Time is also spent on researching possible careers through online resources, informational interviews, and exposing students to other major/career offices on campus.

Students are also exposed to other world work information, decision making strategies, relaxation/stress management, and job searching skills that includes resume writing, cover letters, and interviewing.

Walk-in Career Assessment Services: Counseling Services offers career testing using the Strong Interest Inventory/Skills Confidence Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, two of the most widely utilized and studied career-related assessments available. Please see Career Assessment Services to learn how you can take these assessments.

Individual Career Counseling: Students find individual career counseling or consultation to be helpful when issues such as worry, questions about confidence or inexperience, family pressures, value conflicts, or an inability to make decisions complicate the career development process. Counseling helps individuals resolve such issues and apply knowledge about themselves and the world of work to their career decisions. Often just a few sessions with a counselor can put things into perspective and help students get unstuck. To see a counselor, click on Make an Appointment to submit paperwork on-line.

A particularly useful self-assessment that can help you explore this is the College Learning Effectiveness Inventory (CLEI). This tool helps you identify both positive and  negative influences that impact your learning effectiveness.  The free CLEI self-assessment and the accompanying CLEI Program of Change workbook are both available to K-State Students through our University Life Cafe Website.

If working through the CLEI on your own is not sufficient or if you would like support through the process, K-State students are welcome to come to the Counseling Services to talk with a counselor who can help you look at all of the areas that may be affecting your academic success.