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Relaxation Sample Summary

Text for the audio file "Relaxation Sample Summary"

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Text for the audio file Relaxation Sample Summary

Perhaps some of the techniques seem to help you relax more than others. That's normal. Use those particular techniques and ignore the others. We all differ and need to find what our particular pattern is.

Practice the exercises regularly with the goal of being able to achieve deeper feelings of relaxation. As you practice more, you will be able to achieve the relaxation without the audiotape, eventually.

Be patient. You've spent a number of years learning how to get tense over the normal events of your day and over especially frustrating events. Now you are learning a more relaxed way to go through the day -- a way for your body to be more relaxed and your mind more alert. Learning any skill, be it tennis, dancing, writing, or taking exams, takes some practice. So, practice each day. If possible, twice a day. And learn to let yourself relax so you soon can do it without needing to listen to these audio files. You will have developed your own inner skills and can practice wherever and whenever needed.


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