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Relaxation Sample 8 Exercise

Text for the audio file "Relaxation Sample 8 Exercise"

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Text for the audio file Relaxation Sample 8 Exercise

Liquid relaxation. Gently focus your attention on the top of your head. Feel some liquid relaxation pouring onto your head and gently spreading across your scalp. And, it gently spreads across your forehead and down around your entire head. And, now it's spreading across your shoulders and with it you can feel your shoulders relax more and more. Around your hips and down your legs and, finally pours around your feet, so you are covered with pure liquid relaxation.

While remaining relaxed, notice the ways your physical sensations changed as you practiced these techniques. Changes in your emotions. Your thoughts.

When you get relaxed, you need to activate your body slowly. So, become aware of your body on the chair, and your feet on the floor. Slowly take 5 deep breaths, and let them out. As you breathe in, imagine pure energy flowing into your body and you're becoming more alert. Know that you will have energy and be calm and at peace when you finally activate. After your 5 breaths, wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes when you are ready.


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