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Relaxation Sample 7 Exercise

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Text for the audio file Relaxation Sample 7 Exercise

Warmth and relaxation go together. So, one way to increase feelings of relaxation is to help yourself feel warmer. Here's a technique for that.

Imagine yourself laying on a floor that has a deep, heavily padded rug. It's comfortable just laying there.

Now, imagine a warm, thermal blanket rolled up against the bottoms of your feet. Feel the warmth of the blanket against the bottoms of your feet. As you begin to feel that warmth, imagine the blanket beginning to unroll very slowly so that you feel the warmth move across your toes and down across the tops of your feet. And, it continues to unroll very slowly across your ankles and up your shins. Your knees. And the warmth spreads up your thighs. Across your hips. And up across the trunk of your body. Your neck. And the blanket comes to rest against your chin, so you are warm all over.

Just feel that warmth gently helping relax your body more and more.


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