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Relaxation Sample 5 Exercise

Text for the audio file "Relaxation Sample 5 Exercise"

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Text for the audio file Relaxation Sample 5 Exercise

Now you re going to learn how to breathe your tensions away. Gently, focus on your feet. Feel all the sensations there -- feet and socks inside your shoes, pressure on the floor and any other sensations.

Now, as you take a deep breath, breathe all those feelings and sensations up into your lungs and then exhale them away. Go ahead. Deep breath in, bringing all those sensations into your lungs and exhale them away.

Now, breathe in all those tensions in your legs and hips -- big breath in and exhale those tensions away. All the tensions into your lungs and exhale them away. Your shoulders, arms, and hands -- go ahead and breathe the tensions in them away.

Now, your neck, jaws, eyes, and forehead. Breathe away the tensions in them.

Now with two last, deep breaths, you can go back and breathe away any residual tensions. Go ahead.


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