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Relaxation Sample 4 Exercise

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Text for the audio file Relaxation Sample 4

Now, as you maintain that feeling of quietness, I want you to picture a very calm, peaceful scene -- a scene that might help you relax even more deeply. I'll describe a scene that has helped many people relax. Try it out. However, if you have some other favorite place, real or imagined, which might help you relax even more, just ignore the scene I'm describing and go to your favorite place. The goal is to find a scene that helps you relax quickly. How we get relaxed, or what works varies from person to person. So use what is best for you.

Imagine that it is a calm, peaceful summer day. You're out on a meadow. You have a soft, cotton blanket that you spread on the smooth ground and you are lying on that blanket. The sun is off to one side so you can comfortably look up at the blue, blue sky and the clouds in it. If it is too warm, imagine a nice cool breeze that keeps you comfortable.

Watch the clouds moving slowly overhead. Lying on your back on the soft meadow. Clouds. Slowly drifting overhead. Notice the edges of the clouds. The contrast with the blue, blue sky. Feel the calm and peace all around you and within you.

Now, Just let that scene slowly drift away -- let it go. Come back to the feelings of pure relaxation. Notice where you feel most relaxed. How your mind might have slowed down. Perhaps you are drifting or feel some other sensation associated with relaxing.

Enjoy it.

As you breathe out, just let those remaining bits of tension drift out of your body.


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