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Relaxation Sample 3 Exercise

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Text for the audio file Relaxation Sample 3

In the exercise you've been doing, so far, you have been quite active -- actually tensing and releasing muscles. Now, I'll help you learn a more passive form of relaxation. For the next method, I'll read you a phrase similar to this: "My arms and hands are heavy and warm". Then I will pause long enough for you to silently, mentally repeat the phrase to yourself while just allowing yourself to imagine and feel what that phrase suggests to you. Just continue sitting back with your eyes closed and let your mind and body relax deeply and comfortably.

I feel quite quiet.

My feet feel heavy, heavy and relaxed.

My calves, my knees, thighs and hips feel heavy, relaxed and comfortable.

My solar plexis and the whole central portion of my body feel relaxed and quiet.

My neck, my jaws, and my forehead feel relaxed; they feel comfortable and smooth.

My shoulders, arms, and hands feel heavy, relaxed and comfortable. My arms and hands are heavy and warm.

My hands are warm.

My hands are warm, relaxed and warm.

I feel quite quiet.

My mind is quiet.

I withdraw my thoughts from the surroundings and I feel serene and still.

My mind is calm and quiet and, I feel an inward quietness.


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