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Alcohol and Other Drug Information

The use of alcohol and other drugs has been a fact of the American way of life since our nation's beginning. Today, substance abuse represents a major problem in American colleges and universities. Indeed throughout history alcohol, in particular, has been used as a source of pleasure, and for some the use of alcohol has been a source of problems. A recent survey showed that about 82% of the students on this campus drink alcoholic beverages. Of greater concern, however, is that as many as 15% of K-State students report having significant negative consequences as a result of their use of alcohol.

 Services Available to all K-State Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Educational presentations on alcohol and other drug issues
  • Professional referral resources (campus and community)
  • General education information (posters, handouts, fliers, etc.)
  • Local DUI regulations
  • Basic assessment and intervention assistance

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